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All buildings need some maintenance. If buildings are not maintained, they tend to deteriorate and then, eventually, collapse When buildings deteriorate pieces tend to fall off, making the erection and maintenance of safety measures essential.
Salts crystallizing from ground water will cause bricks to erode Tile roofs laid at low pitch tend to accumulate silt which may block drainage and cause water penetration.
Complex and ornate structures require substantially more maintenance than simple structures and maintenance staff need special skills. Buildings with solid external walls rely on the render and paintwork for waterproofing

When buildings are neglected and fall into disrepair, water penetration and plant root growth tend to accelerate the rate of deterioration  

You should ensure that your alterations to the building do not compromise its structural integrity. We recommend you seek advice before completing the design work. Richard Cortis can refer you to appropriate professionals who can advise you Interesting and complex structures can be both difficult and costly to maintain. Richard Cortis can provide advice on the waterproofing and durability aspects of building maintenance

Small leaks in a roof may lead to rotting of the timber frame and eventual collapse of the structure. Richard Cortis can advise on waterproofing maintenance. Some repair attempts may leave a lot to be desired in terms of structural safety. Richard Cortis can advise on options for rectification

Rising damp and water penetration can damage surface finishes. Richard Cortis can advise on options and available treatments for water penetration and rising damp. Some buildings may appear OK but may have substantial underlying defects. Have a look at the nasty sag in the balcony. Richard Cortis can arrange professional advice to determine options for rectification.

This Aqueduct was built in 15 B.C. Good and timely building maintenance can significantly extend the durable and functional life of buildings. Richard Cortis can advise on durability and maintenance options. Minor water leaks from rainwater downpipes and stormwater drainage systems can cause significant damage to the building if left untreated. Richard Cortis can advise on remedial waterproofing and drainage rectification.

When the waterproof coating or render fails on a solid masonry wall, water tends to penetrate and accelerate the rate of deterioration. Richard Cortis can advise on waterproofing treatments for building facades. Loss of durability of the exterior paint coating can allow water to penetrate and damage the underlying render and masonry surfaces. Richard Cortis can advise on the maintenance of exterior waterproof coatings.
Waterproofing defects at balconies and doorways can allow water to enter the underlying structure and cause significant damage. Richard Cortis can advise on appropriate remedial work. Water penetration into roof structures can cause rotting in the structure which, if left untreated, lead to collapse of the roof. Richard Cortis can advise on options for remedial waterproofing.
Timber lintel beams in some older buildings tend to deteriorate rapidly if water penetration is not treated. Replacement of these lintels can be quite costly. Richards Cortis can advise on both maintenance and rectification Complex and ornate structures with exposed concrete elements can be very difficult to repair effectively, especially where access is difficult. The rate of dilapidation can be slowed by timely maintenance. Some surface treatments are available which significantly enhance the durability of exposed concrete elements. Richard Cortis can advise on options.
Some very old buildings remain in service because they have been maintained to a satisfactory standard