mouldy wallsBuildings, particularly dwellings, tend to develop mould problems in some rooms.  Some moulds can cause health problems in susceptible people.  The causes of the mould growth may not be obvious.  Richard Cortis can investigate and advise on options for remediation.

rainwater penetrationRain-water penetration can be very distressing, particularly where it enters a living or working area.  Severe water penetration usually occurs during periods of extended or heavy rain.  The causes are many and various.
Richard Cortis is a specialist in in the investigation and rectification of rain-water penetration in buildings.


concrete spalling   concrete cancer

Corrosion damaged concrete, concrete spalling, sometimes called concrete cancer, can be very difficult and costly to rectify.  Where the corrosion damage is severe or extensive, a detail plan of approach is required to repair the structure.  
Richard Cortis is experienced in the design of remedial systems for severely affected structures.

concrete spalling   concrete cancer

Once reinforced concrete structures reach an advanced stage of dilapidation, repair is not a viable option.