Waterproof paint or membrane coatings on buildings can fail for a variety of reasons. Richard Cortis can investigate to determine the various causes of coating failure and advise on necessary remedial measures.

Inappropriate waterproofing around bathroom floor and shower gratings can increase water leakage from bathrooms into adjacent rooms. Richard Cortis ca advise on necessary remedial works where water is leaking from bathrooms or laundries etc.

View of a rusted steel reinforcing bar in a brick balustrade. Expanding rust has burst the bricks away from the reinforcing bar. Richard Cortis can investigate and advise on options for repair of corrosion damaged structural elements, specify the necessary remedial works and administer the rectification contract.
In a significant proportion of the home unit buildings built in Sydney prior to about 1975, the floors of the units were covered with a sawdust based material called magnesite. When magnesite gets wet from rainwater penetration or from internal water leakage from bathrooms or kitchens, chloride salts leached from the magnesite can soak into the structural concrete floor and initiate severe corrosion of the embedded steel reinforcing bars. Richard Cortis can advise on options for repair.

Bricks grow a little and concrete shrinks a little. When bricks are restrained with insufficient provision for movement, something has to give. Other indications of brick growth include cracking near corners and spalled concrete, where it contacts the bricks. Richard Cortis can provide advice on ways to minimize damage from brick growth.